Dissertation Fellowships in Hazards, Risk, and Disasters
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Contact for Logistic or Procedural Issues
To ensure that all potential applicants have access to the same information, all details about this program are contained on this website. However, we do recognize that there may be technical or procedural questions. For these issues, please contact:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the deadline firm?
Yes. Applications received after 5:00 p.m. EST on February 1, 2011, will not be accepted for review.

What happens if an element is missing from the application packet?
Application packets must be complete. Those that are missing any of the components in the list of application materials will not be considered for review.

Can I request more than $10,000?
No. We will not consider proposals for more that $10,000. One of the required items in the application packet is a budget for less than $10,000.

Can I enquire as to the status of my application throughout the process?
No. We will inform all successful and unsuccessful applicants at the end of the process. Fellows (and advisors of fellows) will be notified by telephone and by letter. Those not selected will be notified by letter.

Are there restrictions to the use of the money?
The grants are flexible and can be used for data collection, travel for field work, or for presentation of findings at meetings, purchase of software, data entry assistance, statistical analysis services, or a combination of these or other similar purposes (but, NOT for stipends or tuition).

Is this fellowship for masters thesis work as well as dissertation work?
No, this fellowship program is designed only for those working on a dissertation at the Ph.D. level or the equivalent.